Johnson & Johnson recalls Hip Implants used in total hip replacements

Many patients are fearful of having a total joint replacement. They often express it in our office. At times however the surgery can help the quality of their life & restore their activity level & function. However patients need to be mindful that with any surgery there are increased risks associated. Much of the decision on whether or not to undergo surgery depends on the patients underlying condition, what treatments they have tried & their responses, along with their expoectations and functional goals.

By 2030 there is an expected 670% increase in the demand for total knee replacements alone. Therefore we clearly need to embrace research & development for new therapies to address this growing population. Much research has turned to less invasive injection based treatments.


Unfortunately J&J announced last month that it is recalling 2 of it’s products used  in hip joint replacements. The device was found to have appx a 12-13% failure rate. Appx 93,000 devises had been implanted worldwide with over 400 complaints registered with the FDA since 2008according to the NY Times. This results in increased expenditures on osteoarthritis

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