Dr. Steven Sampson Publishes Chapter on Intraosseous (IO) Injections of PRP of Bone Marrow Concentrate for Advanced Osteoarthritis

Intraosseus PRP Injections Bone Marrow Osteoarthritis Dr. Steven Sampson recently published one of the 1st textbook chapters of its kind, describing Intraosseous (IO) injections for advanced joint osteoarthritis. When arthritis is severe, traditional joint injections may not be effective. In this case, one must consider targeting the entire joint including the bone beneath the cartilage called “subchondral bone.” This bone has been shown to develop micro-cracks or small fractures that communicate directly with cartilage and contribute to joint pain.

After visiting colleagues in North Spain several years ago and collaborating with thought leaders, Dr. Sampson has helped champion this new treatment via research papers and overseeing hands-on cadaver labs teaching doctors about targeting subchondral bone. More studies are needed to better understand the role of bone in arthritis with different injection techniques, however, the research is promising.


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