Inflammation blood test links to muscle weakness in knee osteoarthritis new study suggests.

Recent studies suggest that patients with larger muscles surrounding the knee equals less cartilage damage over 4 years & improved function. (link to prior blog post). Another new study found a correlation with a patient’s blood inflammation levels (CRP & ESR) and reduced muscle strength. Understanding patients baseline inflammation status may be key in understanding expectations of recovery. Dr Steven Sampson will be travelling to Salt Lake City Utah soon to attend a training seminar on bio-identical hormones. Anti-aging medicine is becoming increasingly popular. Balancing an individual’s inflammation state and underling hormone levels may correlate with better outcomes with regenerative injection therapies like PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) & BMC (bone Marrow Concentration). Most likely prior to receiving any regenerative based injection therapy we may obtain a comprehensive metabolic workup to more comprehensively treat the patient and try & tip the scale towards healing.

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