Hip Adductor Strain Is Painful!


Hip adductors are a powerful group of muscles located in the inner thigh. Muscle strains on these muscles can cause extreme pain, and at the same time, such injury can keep athletes out of the game for a period of long time. A recent report from Orthopedics This Week has raised public attention on hip adductor/abductor injuries. Often neglected, muscle strains on the hip adductor muscle group are becoming an epidemic among NCAA collegiate athletes, especially in ice hockey and soccer. A 5-year longitudinal study shows that about 1.29 out of 10,000 athletes have suffered hip muscle strains. The highest occurrence is found in men’s soccer and men’s ice hockey, with 2.47 and 3.77 injuries per 10,000 athletes. Such injuries not only cause extreme pain but also restrain players to go back to games. Thus, trainings that emphasize on injury prevention are highly recommended. Additionally, in cases of hip adductor or flexor strains, it is important to seek for medical care right away.





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