ESPN news: Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant receives PRP Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for knee in Germany

In a recent story from ESPN news, Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant traveled to Germany to receive PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy. Kobe made major news by receiving this treatment for his ailing knee in 2011 that provided dramatic improvement. According to the report, Kobe returned for further treatment to promote healing & to potentially extend his playing career. Many professional athletes like Kobe have received biologic based injections like PRP, however what many patients do not know is that these therapies are available to everyday weekend warriors or people with daily pain from arthritis including the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, wrist/hand & foot ankle.

At the Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles CA, we lecture around the globe, networking with world leaders in regenerative medicine to seek out and pioneer the most cutting edge therapies to avoid surgery or maximize a response to surgical intervention when warranted. We have provided PRP and biologic based injections for over 7 years and have published many papers and textbooks on the subject. We continue to refine the therapy to a more customized approach to maximize positive outcomes. We also chair an annual meeting that attracts hundreds of leading physicians to present evidence based research to determine best practices of PRP and other regenerative injections. Our most recent therapy for advanced tendon or cartilage disease is BMC Bone marrow concentrate, that utilizes the body’s own regenerative cells that are re-injected into painful joints or tendons on the same day. More data is needed to best determine which patient and which conditions are best candidates for these promising therapies.

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