Dr Steven Sampson visits UKA United Kingdom Athletics Olympic Track & Field Doctor Noel Pollock

While in Geneva to lecture at the Biobridge Regenerative Medicine Conference at the United Nations office Geneva (UNOG) Switzerland; Dr Steven Sampson toured elite sports medicine & orthopedic clinics. The first stop was the UKA United Kingdom Athletic program as they are preparing for hosting the Summer Olympic Games of 2012.  Dr Sampson spent time with Track & Field Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr Noel Pollack. They discussed various tendon & muscle treatment protocols in the elite athlete. Dr Sampson also toured the training center & hyperbaric chamber.

Dr Pollack is conducting some fascinating research in the role of Vitamin D in athletes. Also Dr Pollack shared that there is growing European consensus that tendon injuries may have a neural (nerve) component as well. This is affecting the way we are treating tendons and will influence our research and protocols. We wish all the best for Dr Pollack & his team and thank them for being gracious hosts.

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