Dr Steven Sampson Visits NASA Ames Research Park to demo state of the art technology in sports medicine

Integrating technology utilized for astronauts, Vasper stimulates hormones critical for recovery and regeneration. Dr Steven Sampson was introduced to the exercise technology after learning about it from a colleague affiliated with the Navy Seals. Dr Sampson did a demonstration of the machine & met with Vasper founder & creator Dr Peter Wasowski PhD at NASA Ames Research Park In Silicon Valley CA.

We are excited to research this new technology further to explore synergy with regenerative injections including platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow stem cell therapy to optimize outcomes. Vasper www.vasper.com  utilizes advanced technology to combine compression and cooling during exercise which mobilizes lactic acid that signals the brain (pituitary axis) to trigger endorphins, growth hormone (HGH), testosterone etc all naturally. Major sports teams along with Special forces in the US Military are utilizing this technology to accelerate healing naturally. Seniors are using Vasper to potentially improve balance, reduce falls and increase muscle mass safely.  Studies are underway to explore further applications. At the Orthohealing Center, we are regularly travelling around the globe exploring and researching progressive technology & techniques before they are mainstream.   Stay tuned!

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