Hot off the press! Dr. Steven Sampson Publishes New Shockwave article: Treating Athletes In-Season

We’re excited to raise awareness about the potential of using machine-based energy like shockwave to potentially help athletes recover faster from sports injuries.

It reminds Dr. Sampson of the early days of PRP when he published one of the 1st reviews for MSK medicine. While there are a ton of peer-reviewed publications on shockwave, there’s not a lot out there on applications for in-season athletes.

We’re seeing growing interest from professional teams including MLB, NBA, NFL, etc. seeking methods to keep athletes on the field or accelerate return to play with minimal downtime.

Shockwave has great fundamental science behind it, stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms boosting our own growth factors, promoting blood flow, & natural pain relief.

Much like PRP, there’s great variability in shockwave products and protocols for optimal results. This early paper of ours is a small step forward for shockwave in the USA in sports medicine.

Thanks to our shockwave research team from Harvard University for this publication.

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