Dr Steven Sampson, Orthohealing Center with regular blog column in The Huffington Post.

Stay current in the latest advancements in orthopedics & sports medicine! Read about 5 tips to avoid a total knee-replacement. The Orthohealing Center of Los Angeles, CA is excited to announce that Dr Steven Sampson will have a regular blog in the Huffington Post to share cutting edge information for orthopedic injuries to stay active & promote wellness. While our Orthohealing blog is viewed in over 110 countries, teaming up with the Huffington Post allows us to reach a larger audience. With increases in osteoarthritis & sports related injuries, we are seeing a swell of challenging injuries present to our office. Information provided on this new blog may help many more than we can treat in our office.

The 1st post is on 5 tips to avoid a total knee-replacement. Please sign up to follow updated articles on Dr Sampson post in the Healthy Living and Health & Fitness section!

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