Dr Steven Sampson Lectures in Palm Springs on PRP and tendon and cartilage treatments

I just returned from Palm Springs where I spoke at the 20th annual Practical applications in Sports medicine conference. There were over 200 in attendance which was terrific. The crowd made up mostly Athletic Trainers who work for universities, local schools & sports teams as well as Physical Therapists & Orthopedic Surgeons plus one cadaver. There were a few interesting points of note.

  • There is a new phenemonon where kids are just playing one sport all year round rather than participating in tennis, football, baseball, & basketball over different seasons. This has created many repitive overuse injuries & is leading more childern to surgery & long term musculoskeletal injuries.

  • When I asked the room, how many people have heard of PRP, almost everyone raised their hand. Stark contrast to 4 yrs ago when I had to explain it to everyone, now patients come asking for an ultrasound or PRP injection.

  • Many cases of knee pain when there is a negative work up, the Hips must be evaluated further. I have seen where patients complain of lateral knee pain (from the ilio-tibial band) & we order a hip radiograph and discover severe hip arthritis.

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