Dr Steven Sampson Chairs 10th Annual The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) Regenerative Medicine Conference, Chicago June 6-8 2019

Check out the new trailer! Well over 500 industry leaders and physicians from 40 countries are expected to converge at the McCormick Center in Chicago next year for the spectacular annual event. The meeting is a who’s who in the field or orthopedic cell medicine. Thought leaders from Harvard, Emory, U Pitt, Mayo and more are expected to attend sharing their research and best practice to advance the field together. Dr Sampson founded the Event 10 years ago that includes breakout workshops on PRP, BMC, and Lipopaspirate, Interventional Spine and a hands on cadaver lab. Multiple specialties from orthopedic & Veterinary surgeons, non-surgeons sports medicine, rheumatologists, Neurosurgeons, pain physicians and Stem cell Scientists collaborate to exchange ideas and latest research.

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