Dr Michael Sampson WWE Ringside Physician Visits Orthohealing Center to discuss regenerative injection therapies including Bone Marrow Concentrate, PRP, and Hyaluronic Acid injections.

We were excited to welcome Dr Michael Sampson, Ringside Physician for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Dr Michael Sampson also practices at the WWE Performance Center, a new, 26,000-square foot facility in Orlando, FL. He travels around the world ensuring the safety of WWE wrestlers. While there is no family relation to Orthohealing’s Dr Steven Sampson, both physicians discussed cutting edge therapies to keep athletes healthy and active. Professional Wrestlers experience significant physical demands that may require medical intervention. Offering minimally invasive non-surgical options to keep athletes in the game and extend their career is beneficial. We look forward to further collaboration with Dr Michael Sampson and his athletes.

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