Dr. Mary Ambach Collaborates with Stanford Professor Dr. Annu Navani: Now providing bone marrow derived stem cell injections to the disc for spine pain

Dr. Ambach is collaborating with Dr. Annu Navani, the Medical Director of Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center and Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, regarding bone marrow derived stem cell and platelet rich plasma injection (PRP) into the discs of the spine. Intradiscal stem cell and PRP injections are a promising injection therapy with the potential to repair spinal disc degeneration and tear, otherwise requiring invasive surgery.

It is an outpatient procedure where the patient’s own bone marrow cells or platelets are injected through a needle into the damaged discs that are causing pain and disability. The procedure is performed under live fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance and mild sedation for comfort. Dr. Ambach is now performing these procedures to give our patients at Orthohealing a potential solution for their chronic low back pain due to painful discs. Dr. Navani will present her clinical data on these procedures at our annual regenerative medicine conference in Las Vegas, NV June 2016.

Dr. Ambach has also started a biologic think tank to connect thought leaders in spine care to discuss cases for best practice. Make sure to stay connected with The Orthohealing Center and follow our blog for the latest advancements in PRP, as well as upcoming events for the OHC physicians!


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