Doctor Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

While playing third base on my softball team, I felt an immediate pull at my left thigh/quadricep.  I hoped to myself it was just a strain and waited a week but it hadn’t improved. A diagnostic ultrasound done in my office showed a large tears (see picture) in my mid thigh with a hematoma (blood pooling inside the tear). Naturally I elected to treat the tear with my trusted friend, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma.

As I lay on my own examining table last week, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much I’ve learned about healing and regenerative medicine since I was last a patient with a major injury. In 2008 while I was beginning to explore natural means to accelerate healing, I suffered a knee MCL injury from surfing with excruciating pain. Ironically, it was the same injury that I had been treating world cup soccer athletes with great success, so I decided to practice what I preach & received a PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injection. The recovery was astonishing, furthering my passion to better understand biologic remedies.

Since that time we’ve treated thousands of patients including pro athletes, weekend warriors along with non athletes with everyday joint pain. We’ve published many scientific papers & participated in large clinical trials, one of which took 5 years and 12 centers around the US to complete published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. We posted a you tube video that has nearly 200,000 views & the treatment took media by storm although more trials are needed. I’ve been able to lecture and attend meetings around the globe including the United Nations of Geneva. I’ve chaired an annual event that brings together hundreds of Orthopedists, Sports Medicine, PhD’s, Veterinarian, and Cosmetic Surgeons etc to foster a community promoting evidence based medicine and strong science.

Now, March 2014 after having treated thousands of patients with PRP I find myself on the exam table with yet another new severe injury: a large quadriceps tear! So much has changed since I first received my prp shot in 2008. The shot is now performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure accurate needle location. (See Video). We also count the platelets before & after we spin them to make sure there is a suitable sample. Much had been learned about the different ways to prepare PRP which may vary depending on which region & condition is treated. 

I created a think tank with several doctors from around the glove to share insights on challenging cases & now find myself as the topic of discussion. I have integrated many recommendations from colleagues in Brazil, Spain, London and the US including PRP injections that will be followed with cutting edge adjuncts like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Laser therapy, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic frequency), Muscle Stim, cryotherapy with pneumatic compression, wearing a 2xU compression sleeve, kinseiotaping, massage & physical therapy/rehabilitation, & nutritional supplementation.

Stay tuned to monitor my progress in week #2! This has been a great learning experience for me and my patients appreciate that I have been in their shoes (or braces).

Dr. Steven Sampson

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