New Bone marrow concentration injection video for knee osteoarthritis from The Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles.

The Orthohealing is pleased to present a new video detailing Bone Marrow Concentration (BMC) Injection. BMC therapy may be more powerful than PRP for certain conditions such as end-stage arthritis or other problems resulting from severe structural damage. Rather than the patient’s blood or plasma, the doctors at the Orthohealing Center extract bone marrow from the hip in order to attain regenerative cells that are then injected into the affected target site, under musculoskeletal ultrasound guidance. Bone marrow produces new blood cells (regenerative cells), including those used to repair and regenerate tissue. By injecting BMC into an injured joint or tendon, the damaged areas are given a concentrated dose of healing factors as well as saturated with these regenerative cells to speed and enhance the recovery process. This is often combined with standard PRP and plasma concentrate for maximal results.

Our initial video on PRP  from 2009 was among the first of its kind receiving over 133,000 visits to date. Hopefully this BMC video will serve as an informative tool for both physicians and the community as well. Currently we are faced with an epidemic of osteoarthritis in an active population. More natural cutting edge therapies are needed to provide alternatives to surgery. Further trials are required to demonstrate which patients with varying conditions may potentially benefit from this and other regenerative injection therapies.

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