New Bone Marrow Cell study on low back pain shows promise for degenerative disc disease

A privately funded company in Salt Lake City, Utah, known as DiscGenics, Inc., has done an animal study that validates its product in reducing back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, a disease that results in the degeneration of discs in the spine often due to aging. Their product is called Injectable Discosphere Cell Therapy (IDCT), which consists of adult human disc bone marrow cells. According to officials, after one injection of IDCT in degenerated discs, there is no inflammatory response and restoration of both disc height and tissue architecture.

At this time, the company is still conducting further studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness in various animal species to support scientific publications in the future and to gain regulatory clearance. The company hopes that their product will revolutionize how back pain is treated. However more data & trials are needed. At the Orthohealing center we are treating spine pain with platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate with encouraging results thus far.

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