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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Receives Conditional Approval from Medicare for Wound Healing Indication

Soft tissue wounds from conditions like Diabetes cause tremendous challenges to our healthcare system. Billions of dollars are spent on therapies that are currently not ideal resulting in disability & mortality. The decision reverses nearly 20 years for non-coverage for platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments.

CMS the governing body for Medicare covered procedures granted coverage to AutoloGel via a Co Cytomedix under its Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) program.

The Co must establish positive research to continue receiving coverage. However this landmark decision opens the door for increased awareness about Orthobiologics, which will likely represent the future in orthopedics.  The wound model that has 3 phases including:  inflammation, proliferation and remodeling/repair phase mimics the process for soft tissue healing in tendon & cartilage. Hopefully convincing data will continue to emerge surrounding PRP use in wounds to drive other indications to the forefront like knee Osteoarthritis that is increasing at an alarming rate.

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