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Dr Steven Sampson presents preliminary data on (BMC) Bone Marrow Concentrate injections from the ICRS Stem cells & Scaffolds meeting Bologna Italy Dec 6, 2013

Dr Steven Sampson recently presented preliminary data at the International Cartilage Repair Society meeting in Bologna Italy at the renowned Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. Over 300 orthopedic surgeons and industry leaders from around the world filled the auditorium which was standing room only. The lecture was titled Orthohealing Center USA Experience: Early results with Intra-Articular Bone Marrow Concentrate. Highlights from the talk include data on 48 patients. Overall the median follow was 163 days (min 62 max 673). Median age was 63, (min 29 max 79). Median BMI 26 (Min 16 max 35). When questioned on bone marrow aspirate procedure pain the median was 2 (min 0 max 7). Overall 10pt VAS pain score median -4 with -67% change. These findings were statistically significant with P value<0.001. There was no difference in results when evaluating age and BMI. The median satisfaction was 8/10 (with 10 being the highest). 93% would repeat the same procedure and 95% would recommend the treatment to a friend. An analysis of the regions treated noted that knees and shoulders did the best with -74% and -80% reduction in pain respectively, however these findings were not statistically significant due to low sample size. Hips had the lowest improvements at -23% although more cases are needed to confirm these trends.

The analysis has limitations as only 48/92 cases had complete data as some were missing pre injection data while others post injection was not obtained yet. However because there was no significant difference between all subjects BMI, Age, and days to follow up it was determined that the data is missing at random and likely does not reflect a bias. The authors plan on presenting more complete data (with KOOS, DASH scores etc, Range of Motion analysis, and a pain recovery curve for body regions and age at the TOBI Orthobiologic Institute 5th Annual PRP and Regenerative Medicine Symposium in Las Vegas, June 6-7, 2014 www.prpseminar.com. More research and trials are needed to determine which role BMC injections may play in targeting tendon and cartilage associated pain. Surprisingly at the conference comprised of primarily orthopedic surgeons, most were not aware that BMC injections could be performed in an office setting with minimal discomfort to the patient. Dr Sampson will report other highlights from the exciting event shortly including biomarkers to potentially predict cartilage lesions post operatively or may indicate responsiveness to Hyaluronic Acid HA injection therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation for cartilage repair following surgery, trauma or possibly be integrated following regenerative injection therapy.

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