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Bisphosphonates Can Decrease the Chances of Knee Replacements in Women by 25%


“A recent study by the Boston University School of Medicine Effect of bisphosphonates on knee replacement surgery shows that women aged 50-89 with a diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis have a 25% better chance at avoiding knee replacement surgery when taking Bisphosphonates vs. women in that age range who were not taking them. Bisphosphonates are medicines typically used to treat bone thinning called osteoporosis or osteopenia. New research suggest that by strengthening bone they can potentially manage osteoarthritis over the years. Further studies will be performed to see if the lowered risk works for men and younger women who also take Bisphosphonates. For now the jury is out on the role of these medications for arthritis & more studies are needed. The Orthohealing Center will continue to monitor future studies regarding the benefits of this approach.”

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OHC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

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