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Almost 10 Years Later, My Story of being a medical student in NYC during the 9-11 WTC Attacks still hits home

I recently came across my first published article in Medicine from 2001. Ironically it was not a trial on Osteoarthritis or a breakthrough new therapy. In fact it had little to do with medicine or science at all. I was a medical student rotating in the Bronx Emergency Room when I woke up following a shift on September 11th, 2001 and the world was flipped upside down and forever changed.

Suddenly finding myself in “Ground Zero” abandoning any rationale & out of my league as a med student with a hard hat trying to remove heavy rubble & see through the blinding smoke; I was fueled to do whatever I could to help another fellow human being. That day changed me forever. I saw the absolute worst side of human nature yet also saw an unprecedented will of Americans to unselfishly help one another at any expense. I included this article because it shares a unique story of my experience┬áthat many┬ácan relate to.

Attached is my published article from The D.O., which still gives me chills reading. “Trying To Help”: Medical Student Reports

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