Autologous Microfat Injections at Orthohealing Center

Many published studies demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of your using your own body’s fat, processed into a substance called micro-fragmented adipose tissue (or microfat). Microfat may be used in musculoskeletal medicine with joint pain and soft-tissue injuries. Your own microfat helps focus your body’s ability to heal. We are using the latest technology including an FDA-cleared and compliant process for preparing microfat. The processing system is called MiniTC® and is made in the United States by Jointechlabs.

Adipose tissue (fat) is an excellent source of cells. These cells support the body’s own repair process by activating local stem cells within the patient’s own body, releasing growth factors and proteins that help repair damaged tissue. Because these cells are from your own body, there is very little risk of rejection or infection.

The Procedure

microfat for joint pain The entire process takes an hour or so and is done in our office. You are comfortable throughout the procedure, and local anesthetic, oral medications, or laughing gas may be used for this procedure.

While you are laying down, your abdominal area skin will be cleaned and the area made sterile. We mark the collection site with a surgical marking pen and inject a local anesthetic solution for numbing.

After the area is numb, a tumescent solution is introduced into the area just under the skin which helps minimize any bleeding and loosens up the fat (adipose), making it easier to collect. Then a cannula (similar to an injection needle, accommodates fat cell removal) is placed under the skin, and the adipose is gently withdrawn. You may feel momentary pressure, but this is usually a comfortable process.

microfat for musculoskeletal pain The aspirated fat is then processed in about 30 minutes using the MiniTC system, which gently washes the adipose with saline and uses a centrifuge spin down the fat to separate and remove oils, anesthetic, and other debris while filtering and extracting the desired cells. The system is closed-loop and not exposed to the environment, so sterility is maintained throughout.

microfat for pain treatment We first numb the skin at the injection site with an acupuncture like needle, and then precisely inject your own microfat into the injury site with a small needle under ultrasound guidance to accurately deploy the cells.


You may remove any bandages after a day or two. Avoid showering while your bandages are on and immersion in water for three days after your procedure.

You may use acetaminophen for mild pain, but avoid NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, etc.) as they counteract the inflammatory effect of the procedure. You may apply 10 minutes on 10 minutes off, heat or ice therapy, if you wish.

Unless otherwise instructed by our staff, in general move slowly through your full range of motion after three days, but for one month avoid specific activities that were painful before treatment.

If needed, physical therapy may start approximately 10 days after the microfat injection depending on the injury.

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Orthohealing Center has an extensive track record with years of experience using orthobiologics such as microfat with musculoskeletal conditions. This therapy provides a minimally invasive option for our patients seeking to avoid surgery in particular circumstances. Make an appointment so we can determine whether microfat injections are right for you!

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