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The Orthohealing Center of Santa Barbara

Advanced Non-Surgical Wellness Recovery

Santa Barbara is a city that not only demands an active lifestyle to fully experience its beauty and bounty, it has cultural roots that are deeply naturalistic. Organic living is at the heart of the community and you can see it everywhere. The Orthohealing Center understands this. As such, the Orthohealing Center offers its patients care from only a top orthopedic surgeon Santa Barbara has to offer. Our physicians and physiatrists lead the orthopedic field with advanced biologic regenerative therapies that we’ve helped create. These safe and non-surgical procedures allow us to customize our approach to your wellness to produce a fast and often lasting result.

Santa Barbara: The Jewel of California’s Central Coast

Less than 100 miles from busy Los Angeles, Santa Barbara sits serenely in a luxurious Mediterranean micro-climate that often ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Santa Barbara is frequently referred to as the American Rivera. With 25 scenic south-facing beaches, 55 parks, 3 golf courses and miles of bike-friendly roads – and a wide expanse of Pacific Ocean access—Santa Barbara is a rich destination for a broad variety of physical activity.

If you have an injury or chronic pain that is orthopedic related, your best option may not be maintenance drugs and surgery. Our professional team of orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists continue to discover safe and effective therapies that stimulate your body to heal itself so your active lifestyle can be restored regardless of age or injury. The Orthohealing Center is your personalized gateway to minimally invasive pain and injury relief, we are dedicated so providing patients with care from some of the best orthopedic surgeons & physiatrists Santa Barbara have to offer.

Stem Cell Therapy: The Future of Regeneration is Here

Bone marrow stem cell injections are a promising breakthrough treatment for orthopedic injuries that include bone and joint pain – two areas known for resistance to older technology. The procedure is done comfortably in one day where the stem cells are extracted and injected into the injury. It has the potential to provide long-lasting and possibly permanent relief.

PRP Therapy: Your Blood Guided Toward Tendon Repair and Joint Pain Relief

Platelet rich plasma is an all-natural treatment option that represents a new level of safe, non-surgical effectiveness. It uses the repair dynamics of the platelets in your own blood to stimulate a more robust healing process and pain relief than traditional techniques.

Prolotherapy: Directing Your Natural Immune Response to Heal Pain

Prolotherapy has shown an ability to repair and reinforce injured joints and connective tissue. By stimulating your body’s natural healing process through a fusion of mechanical and physiological procedures that are safe and easy to experience, you can often get immediate pain relief as you heal. We use prolotherapy for joints and areas from the neck to the knees as well as for several types of arthritis and sports injuries. This therapy is ideal for active people suffering ligament or tendon injury.

Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally with Perineural Injections

Chronic pain conditions such as tendinitis or arthritis can be effectively and safely addressed with long lasting results by a series of injections of dextrose and saline directly into the painful area. The needle is small and injection discomfort is minimal. Many patients return for two to eight weekly sessions to prolong the beneficial effects.

Pinpoint Pain Relief and Repair with Advanced Ultrasound Technology

Our experienced and knowledgeable team at the Orthohealing Center provides patients the opportunity to meet with a top physiatrist or orthopedic surgeon Santa Barbara has to offer to discuss treatment options and detection methods. Our medical professionals will often use musculoskeletal ultrasound on a regular basis to diagnose and precisely target orthopedic injuries and trouble areas. Innovative ultrasound techniques, coupled with an advanced understanding of the body, enable our competent staff to locate injection sites with precision for the most long-lasting results.

Specialized Therapies That Are Right for You

Although our core focus is on regenerative therapy, we also offer conventional, non-invasive injury and pain relief that may be what you need. These treatments range from interventional spine procedures and customized cortisone, trigger point or Botox injections to bracing techniques designed for your specific needs.

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Our focus is on how we can help your body regenerate itself out of pain and dysfunction. We are here to help you get active again. Schedule a consultation today and get help from a top Santa Barbara orthopedic surgeon or physiatrist at the Orthohealing Center.

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