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The Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills

Your Premier Destination for Advanced Non-Surgical Orthopedic Treatment

Beverly Hills is internationally recognized as the gold standard of high-end beauty, refinement, and best in class medical and cosmetic procedures. The doctors of the Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills are leaders in the ongoing development and application of customized one-on-one regenerative therapies. Our treatments make many surgical procedures obsolete and introduce the potential for fast, long lasting results. Whether you are a top athlete, an avid physical enthusiast, or just want to regain a rich quality of life, the Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills is your personal gateway to discovering your full wellness potential.

Beverly Hills: Defining Glamor and Abundant Lifestyle for Over a Century

With one of the largest communities of celebrity residents and industry leaders found anywhere, Beverly Hills features some of the largest and most beautifully built houses in the United States. Because the median age of a Beverly Hills resident is 43 years old, the city offers many athletic and fitness-related activities including a jogging path through the center of the city, the Los Angeles Country Club, and La Cienega Park. Beverly Hills famous shopping district and well-groomed residences have been referred to in literally hundreds of movies and books since its inception in the early 20th century.

Regenerating Health Through Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Technology

At the Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills, our board-certified physicians are leaders in the field of non-surgical, minimally invasive stem cell procedures customized for your specific needs. Your body has a natural ability to regenerate bone and joint wellness. Our techniques include comfortably gathering your stem cells from bone marrow and during the same visit reinserting them into your injury. By guiding these stem cells to specific areas, we help you on the path to full recovery so you can get back up to speed quickly.

Using Your Own Blood to Treat Tendon and Joint Pain

Tendon and joint injuries are among the slowest to recover. We use the regenerative properties of platelets from your own blood to achieve restorative results that often bring far faster relief and are more lasting than the “older” methods of drugs and surgery.

“Coaching” Your Body to Heal Itself

Our customized prolotherapy injection therapy combines both mechanical and physiological methods to direct your natural immune response to build new tissue and heal underlying pain. This is often most effective for back, shoulder, neck, wrist and hip pain – areas that can be the most aggravating and resistive to treatment. It is also helpful for a wide range of arthritic conditions that can come about from age, older injuries, or sports-related pain.

Neural Prolotherapy: A Natural Approach to Chronic Pain

Also referred to as perineural injections, this therapy injects dextrose and sterile water directly into the painful area. It safely treats very small nerves that contribute to pain and allows deeper tissues to trigger a healing process.

Advanced Ultrasound Technology for Precision Healing

Ultrasound technology has made great strides in the treatment of musculoskeletal injury and pain. Our physicians can often eliminate the need for an MRI or CT scan. In fact, our leading physicians and top physiatrists were among the first to integrate ultrasound into regenerative therapy to achieve faster, safer and more lasting results.

The Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills: Full Spectrum Wellness Solutions

Besides our regenerative solutions, we offer many conventional but safe and non-invasive treatments to ensure you get precisely the therapy that you need. From interventional spine procedures to cortisone and Botox injections and customized bracing, we have what you need.

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Unlike other medical offices, the Orthohealing Center of Beverly Hills focuses on specialized biologic regenerative therapies. Our physicians and physiatrists contribute to the evolution of the regenerative wellness sciences with publications and trials and notable refinements. You can be assured you are being cared for by some of the most knowledgeable and skilled specialists available anywhere.

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