November 2014

Love this Office. Aufiero and Ambach are both Fantastic! So happy. Recommend to all. Staff is all perfect including Nancy, Melissa, and Lauren.


October 2014Comments about Dr. Aufiero:
The best of the best! Top quality diagnostician, practical, and extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Worth the wait and gentle with injections!


 April 2014

Whoop De Doo!


April 2014

Good Staff – and very helpful information! Complete information and help given. Wonderful!


March 2014

Dr. Sampson listens and knows how to make the problem seem like nothing! He is great.


March 2014

I love you all! It’s amazing here.  You saved my life!


March 2014

Dr. Aufiero answered all my questions and clearly cares about her patients.


March 2014

Dr. Thakral has a wonderful bedside manner and explains everything very thoroughly.  He made sure that I understood my options.  The office staff is very friendly, which is very refreshing!


March 2014

Beautiful office. Helpful staff.


March 2014

It is important to find a doctor that has your best interest at heart.  That being said, the medical profession needs more people like these, trying their best to heal, which is the quality I seek in injury treatment.


March 2014

Orthohealing is a fantastic place.  Great care, great people, cutting edge treatment.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  I started there in October/2013 as a difficult case from 3 neck surgeries to fuse my neck and 1 lower back surgery with an artificial disc.  I’ve done a lot of damage to my body over the years playing Football and heavy weight lifting.  They threw the kitchen sink at me so to speak until we found bone marrow cell injections (BMC) with PRP for my neck to be the right prescription.  I am 4 weeks out from my last procedure and am 100 percent pain-free.  I know I’m still early in the process and still have work ahead of me, but achieving this base-line of success is making all the difference for me returning to exercise and strengthening my body to become permanently well.  The biggest thing for me is having a place to go that I have confidence in when I find myself needing a boost to my health.

To Dr. Aufiero, I must say you are truly one of a kind.  You are the sweetest, most caring, compassionate and intelligent Dr. I’ve come across in my travails with my Spine.  Shelley, the best practice administrator out there – thanks for your due diligence in scheduling me as often as you  did.  I’ve enjoyed our conversations and your can-do spirit.  To the techs, Michelle, Melissa and Isabelle who laugh at my jokes (which I still think are courtesy laughs – because I’m not that funny) while I’m on the table getting the shots, thank you too.  Forever indebted.   


 December 2013

***** Great! Informative, Kind and Caring.  Love it!


December 2013

The PRP treatments I received at the Orthohealing Center under the of Dr. Aufiero is one of the best and most beneficial medical experiences I have ever had.

It has been approximately one month since I completed a series of three PRP treatments for chronic lower back pain due to degenerative disks and associated joint and nerve problems. The results have far exceeded my expectations.

Over the years I have tried numerous methods and procedures in an attempt to find relief from the chronic and increasing debilitation of my lower back pain.  Most provided no relief while others were mildly effective although temporary.  The constant search for relief ultimately led me to the Orthohealing Cneter.

The entire experience was a pleasure starting with the courteous, professional, and caring staff followed by very clear concise consultations by Dr. Aufiero to detail my condition, the treatment process and the expected results, which have been very realistic as proven over time. I believe I achieved a 70% reduction in all the symptoms associated with my lower back and honestly feel like I have control over my daily life again and literally have not felt this good in many years.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Aufiero and the entire staff at Orthohealing for their care, skill, competence, and most of all for rejuvenating my daily life.


November 2013

***** My PRP Shot was a success!  The entire office is fantastic, friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. 5 star recommendation!


October 2013

***** I especially like the way Dr. Aufiero sits and listens to me and really wants to help me with my pain and she does. The staff is very nice and the office is so clean.


August 2013

***** Very professional, well organized office.  Dr. Sampson has a great clinical approach and even the initial treatment of my health problem brought an almost instant relief!


August 2013

***** Office staff – Marrisa/ Melissa, Nurse Jessica, Dr. Aufiero  All Excellent!  Cohesive & Effective & Efficient!



I’m neither young nor an athlete – I’m 61 years old, about 50 lbs. overweight and the cartilage/tendons/muscles and meniscus in my knees have deteriorated over the years though I was not considered a candidate for knee replacement because my bones are intact.  I had been taking high doses of anti-arthritic medication for the past several years which was hurting my liver function.  I hobbled like an old lady, using a walking stick for balance, difficulty walking stairs, unable to bend my legs back without considerable pain.  My orthopedic surgeon suggested I see Dr. Aufiero because there was nothing he could do to help my condition.  I no longer walked – I hobbled slowly using a walking stick, did the “old lady shuffle” up and down stairs, and couldn’t stand in place without holding onto something or leaning against a wall.  I also limped when I walked due to the considerable pain in my right knee (which was worse than the left).  I could not bend my knees perpendicular when sitting – I needed to stretch them in front and/or elevate them at all times.

Dr. Aufiero explained that I was an excellent candidate for bone marrow concentrate replacement.  She also explained that I had about a 70% chance of success and within that 70% it could either be a “home run” or a percentage of improvement – and that we would take it one step at a time.

I was very excited.  I did the initial treatment in December 2012.  The entire procedure was relatively painless … there was a bit of pressure when extracting the bone marrow but there was no pain afterwards.  The shots were sore for a few days but I iced and kept them elevated as instructed.  I was religious about the physical therapy regimen prescribed.  I also stopped taking the heavy anti-arthritic medication.  At the end of three months there was considerable improvement:  My left knee was about 70% better and my right knee (the worse of the two) was about 50%.  I was walking much better but if I did too much my knees and ankles swelled.  So I decided to do a booster round.

The booster round happened at the end of May 2013.  The MRI and ultrasounds prior to the booster showed that the quad muscles and IT bands were now normal (whereas they had been weakened and deteriorated before) and that there were fewer cysts in the cartilage area.  So we concentrated on the meniscus in the right knee and extra cartilage in both knees.  Knowing what to expect the procedure was a breeze the second time.

It is now three months since the booster and today I have normal movement.  I walk normally – I don’t limp, I walk stairs one at a time rather than the “old lady shuffle”, I can stand in place for about 20 minutes without feeling like I will fall over.  I can keep my legs perpendicular or slight bent back when I sit and don’t need a walking stick.  I can walk the distances in airports (I used to need a wheelchair).  I can also use an exercise bike (which I had not been able to use for at least 3 years) as I can now bend my knees.  While I haven’t lost much of the weight yet, I am finally in a position to work out and am motivated to do so.  People who haven’t seen me in a long time notice a different air about me – not a hobbling older woman but someone who can move normally without chronic pain.  All this and in addition I stopped taking the heavy anti-arthritic medication in December – my liver is normal again too.

Dr. Aufiero also helped me with some other chronic pain issues along the way.  I had broken my left foot about a year before and had pain by my big toe as well as severe pain when the weather changed.  She did a series of small sugar shots on the top of my foot and the pain when the weather changes has stopped entirely.  Also, when we did the booster treatment she injected a bit of the bone marrow in by my big toe and I now have totally normal function of that foot.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Aufiero and the entire staff at OrthoHealing.  They are all marvelous.  Their innovative treatment has changed my life.  I am forever grateful and am happy to share my experiences here with anyone who might have questions.


 Hi Shelley!

 Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

 It’s been 4 1/2 weeks since the PRP shots in my left ankle and I just want to say how happy I am that I had it done.  I started back to ballet almost two weeks ago and although I am only doing barre and some very limited things in the center, I can already see a difference,  Thank you for sending me to Gaultier PT.  They have been very helpful in showing me how to strengthen my weak areas and explaining to me what has gone wrong in the past and how I can try to repair it.  I also get to brush up on my French while I’m there!  :)

Thank you to you also Shelley for helping me get in so quickly for an appointment and holding my hand (so to speak) through the process.  Please pass this along to Dr. Sampson for me.  He was wonderful!!!  Couldn’t have had a better team doing this for me.  I can’t thank you all enough for putting me on the road back to full ankle health!


E.C.J. icon smile Testimonials


Tomlinson Rauscher 205 Squat 2013 07 241 225x300 Testimonials

My knees seem to be holding up well following the series of injections you did recently.  This past week I did a 205 pound back squat, which is 1.5 times my body weight.   See the attached photo.  Today I did my weekly track workout that includes over 1000 stadium steps!

Senior Olympic Athlete TR

Dear Dr. Sampson -

 I came to see you for an achilles tendon in my right heal that would not heal.  You suggested a saline injection treatment and we did one.  I just wanted you to be sure to know that it was a very successful procedure.  I had some degree of relief right away and within a week all pain was gone. And within a couple more weeks, the tendon was no longer thickened but of normal size.  I am now stretching and exercising normally.  Thanks very much for all your help.


I am totally happy with Dr. Sampson and his staff. He answers all my questions and makes me feel comfortable. Shelly is a jewel! And all the staff has made me feel “at home”.

Thank you,


The Best!


Everyone was terrific, very friendly and helpfull.


Dr. Charchian was so helpful and provided me with so much information.


Very Friendly office staff! Dr Charchian is so patient and explained everything in detail.  Painless injection to drain fluid( My surgeon never thought to do it- in 2 years icon smile Testimonials ).  I feel 10 times better- Excited to continue working with Dr Charchian!


My experience at The Orthohealing Center was extremely beneficial to recovering my good health. I have experienced torn ligaments in four major joints due to a life of aggressive exercise accompanied by the natural process of aging. And although it is true that I am getting older, I am not nor will I ever be willing to give up my physically active life.

Working with Dr. Steven Sampson has enabled me to heal and to manage my injuries and continue my vigorous life with full satisfaction and with little or no pain.

Even better, I have done it without the use of surgery, which had been suggested to me by other doctors.

When I met Dr. Sampson, I had severe pain in my right hip which regularly interrupted my sleep and I also had sharp intermittent pain in my right shoulder when I moved my arm into specifically habitual positions, such as when taking off a pull-over shirt. I also had less painful tears in my left hip and left shoulder as well as a chronically sore achilles tendon. Indeed, my condition led one doctor I saw to assume that I was a professional stuntman. I am not.

Dr. Sampson was the first doctor I saw who brought up surgery only as something I should avoid if at all possible. We decided to deal with the painful right hip first, then deal with the shoulder later. At first, we used cortisone (I had used it once before with another doctor to limited results) to alleviate the pain, went into physical therapy (again), and waited to see what happened. When the pain returned after several months Dr. Sampson suggested trying a new therapy he was helping to innovate involving spinning blood platelets. The process involves removing ones own blood, spinning and separating the blood platelets which contain naturally healing properties, then re-injecting those healing platelets directly into the injury.

Unsure, I went for a second opinion to a highly regarded sports doctor in Los Angeles. This doctor said that the therapy was largely unproven, he did not recommend it and suggested that I simply reconcile myself to a life with pain. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory solution, which helped a bit.

I went back to Dr. Sampson and agreed to the new therapy. We did two sessions. After waiting an appropriate amount of time I liked the results quite a bit and did the same treatment on my right shoulder. The bottom line is that for a couple years of years now I have had terrific results in both joints. I exercise regularly. I never awake with pain. I don’t use physical therapy. I don’t have to ice my hip every night.

I have made some adjustments in my life. There are certain specific things I do not do, such as the overhead military press. I have also cut back on running, not entirely, but I have had to make that adjustment.

Happily, I can now sleep on my right side, which was impossible before due to the pain. I exercise regularly with vigor. I am not awakened at night with pain. I no longer have a slight limp in my gait. I lift weights. I ride a stationary bike at high resistance almost daily. I also work out at the Baldwin Hills steps in Culver City and anyone who has been there knows it’s a very formidable challenge. All this activity has helped me to stay fit and relieve stress. I am very pleased and grateful for those results.

I want to emphasize that I have enjoyed these results for a couple of years now. Much longer than any cortisone-and-physical therapy course I have ever taken, and I continue to feel good.

 I want to add that I always have a peasant experience at The Orthohealing Center. The people there are pleasant to work with and the offices are very clean and comfortable. I never have to wait too long to see Dr. Sampson.

I hope the reader finds this information to be helpful. I can readily recommend The Orthohealing Center very highly.


Easiest blood draw ever.

- Isabel

Always helpful and attentive to my needs. Remembers my condition even after a break in visits. Five Stars!


5 stars. Very attentive and knowledgeable. Dr ‘A’ really took her time to thoroughly explain everything to me. I recommend this office to anyone in need of a great ortho Dr.


 I first came to Dr.Sampson October 2010 to try to avoid surgery on my right hand.  I had been scheduled to have a titanium /silicon artificial joint placed in my knuckle on my right hand .  As a result of a rapid onset of RA, I had lost the cartilage , the bone was enlarged , and it was very painful.  My hand looked like a tree root with the fingers crossing over each other.  Several of my fingers were trigger fingers.  I basically lost all use of this finger and most of the right hand.  I had been prescribed  Placquenal for 6 months, small dose of methotrexate , and anti inflammatories.  I was unable to write with  my right hand, open cans, spray hairspray, prepare simple meals that required chopping, perform simple tasks such as turn a key, and most devastating was that I could no longer play tennis which I enjoy so much.  After much research and prayer, I found Dr. Sampson on the Internet .  I researched him, talked at length with his office manager, Shelley, and decided to try PRP treatment.

I was advised that for the best results, 2-3 treatments would be required. My first treatment was October 2010.  I did not see any significant improvement.  I did a second treatment a month later.  I started to notice some improvement.  I had more range of motion of my index finger and it was not crossing over the 3rd finger.  I had a 3rd treatment January 2011.  Slowly, my hand had more range of motion and the pain had decreased significantly .  By April, I was ready to try to hold a tennis racquet .  Although my hand was looking good, it still had no significant strength .  I started learning to play left handed.   By August 2011, I had full use of my right hand, although it was weak.

December 2012  I came for one more treatment since I was starting to feel  a slight crackling in the knuckle.  Dr. Sampson agreed that it was time.  It is now April 2013 and for the first time my right hand is strong, has full range of motion,  and looks normal.  I have won several tennis matches playing with either my left or my right hand!

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sampson for his wonderful mind and his gift of healing.

Deborah in Hawaii


I am so happy to have found Orthohealing Center! After 2 hip replacements and knee replacement, I was having pain and discomfort in one hip and a knee. Dr. Aufiero was able to assess/diagnose the problem and treat it. No pain . Pain Free. Very  professional and knowledgeable staff.



The team at Orthohealing is exceptional! The doctors, front office desk staff and assistants are all knowledgeable, caring and provide great client service. I would only trust my body with Orthohealing!



Always supportive, friendly and sensitive. Great care and attention!



I’ve been a patient at Orthohealing Center for the past two months receiving treatments for my arthritic right knee caused by years of playing sports.  Dr. Sampson recommended I have Viscosupplementation treatments which essentially are lubricant injections directly into the knee.  Sounds painful and there is no one less tolerant to pain than me.  However, the treatment is no more painful than a mild sting and it subsides immediately.  There is very little discomfort at all and I was up and back on a normal work schedule the next day. I noticed IMMEDIATE improvement after my first treatment and the overall weakness and sore, achy feeling surrounding my knee was gone within one day.  Miraculous!  I found myself eager to get to my next treatment like a child receiving a treat!   The upshot is the viscous treatments are covered by insurance and are said to provide relief upwards of six months possibly longer.  I hope to have the PRP Therapy at some point in the future as the testimonies for the procedure are highly positive and seem tailored to my chronic knee condition.

As for Orthohealing Center, the staff is very helpful, knowledgeable  and friendly.  The atmosphere is relaxed down to the chill music track playing throughout the offices.  Dr. Sampson and his staff are dedicated to their profession and take the time explaining the cause of my pain and the options for minimizing the pain based on my physical condition.  He is very sensitive to my pain threshold and is careful to proceed with my overall condition paramount during the procedure.

As I have come to learn, there are different approaches to PRP Therapy and various other orthopaedic procedures.  It is extremely important to research a clinic’s procedures and get information prior to committing to a protocol.  Orthopedic Healing Center was very transparent detailing their various protocols and procedures offered and provided ample materials prior to undergoing therapy. I never felt rushed into any procedure and all my concerns were addressed to my satisfaction.  I am very happy with my association with Orthohealing Center and will continue to check in for follow-up visits going forward.


This is happiest doctor office I have ever been to in Los Angeles. You are greeted with genuine smiles. I have only seen Dr. Aufiero and Dr. Charchain. I highly recommend them. I leave feeling 10,000xs better than I did when I arrive. I am grateful for these doctors.


Dr. Sampson is as passionate about his patients as he is about his profession. Great office. Great  treatment.


So relieved to have found Dr. Charchian. Miracle worker who gave me back my life trough spinal ablation.


After years of trouble and falls with my left knee, Dr. Sampson and his team pinpointed my issue (in my hip!) and treated my knee with the shots and physical therapy that has changed my balance and pain for the better.


I am always pleased wit the professional treatment received. Very knowledgeable info given to me regarding my condition.


Can’t imagine a better experience!


Great office. Caring, on time, teriffic doctor. Thank you


OMG! I just love Dr. Sampson. He is not only excellent physician -but he has bed-side mannet – His staff is also awesome! Thank you for helping me.


I am a patient that got PRP and BMC on my hip. It is amazing.  Works remarkably well.  Thanks for spreading the word!


I went to Orthohealing center due to an extreme pain in my right shoulder. After training and completing two full distance Ironman Dr. Beny Charchain suggested PRP therapy. I have now finished two rounds of PRP and am amazed at my results and progress. Even though I believe there is still more healing to be done my ability to swimming pain free is life changing. Currently I’m working on strength building techniques at the gym. The healing and betterment of my shoulder feels consistent daily and I am gaining strength in the area vs. ripping my tissue and tendons. My progress has been so favorable that we are postponing my 3rd therapy waiting to see how my performance progresses during my annual training and 3rd Ironman. I can’t say enough about Dr. Charchain and his staff. They are nothing less than professional, committed, concerned, and laser focused on your healing.  Without them or the PRP treatment my training and race stood a chance to becoming very harmful.  I am so thankful I found this team and look forward to my future with them.


I was referred to Dr. Sampson for knee pain 8 month ago. I can’t say enough about his gentle, caring, bedside manner. The Ortho injection has help me have a life again. I am so thankful my friend referred him.


5.0 star rating


I am not from the area so I yelped to find a good Ortho-center in Los Angeles; I found the best in Dr. Charchian. I highly recommended Dr. Charchian’s practice – he is a caring practitioner that spends time listening to his patience and is extremely thoughtful with his treatment. I hope I don’t have to go back anytime soon but if I do, I know I’ll be in the best care!!

Jenna H.

5.0 star rating


I was given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Charcian for a couple days as a medical student and was never a patient.  In my time observing his work I was very impressed.  His clinical competence is excellent and equaled by his bedside manner.  Medical professionals are expected to be well rounded and proficient in their service, which is not limited to just the medicine.  Dr. Charcian attenuates his care to give quality health care and make things easier for his patients.  His enthusiasm for medicine and helping people is evident in his practice, and it was very fun to observe.

Cameron A.

My experience with Dr.  Dr Charchian has been excellent. Throughout the process of receiving the epidural, I had the feeling of being in the hands of a top professional who knew exactly what he was doing. I never experienced anything more than a tiny pin prick and was able to walk away with hardly any sense that i had undergone a complicated medical procedure  As for Dr. Sampson, he was able to diagnose my pinched nerve just by looking at my leg, something that I had completely escaped other doctors that U had been to. Overall, Orthohealing Center is one of the best run medical practice I have ever been to.


Great Doctor. Great Staff. All Friendly


Dr. Sampson is the kindest, brightest doctor I’ve ever seen. And as a post-polio dinosaur, I’ve seen countless docs coast to coast. EVERYONE in the office is generous with their time and talents and all are friendly and a genuine joy to see.

The visits are always prompt and easy to come by.

Dr. Sampson and Orthohealing are my doctors for life.


I used to drive to Santa Barbara for PRP and prolotherapy, never again. Dr. Sampson is a godsend.


All staff was fabulous! The bone marrow extraction – which I was afraid of – was so smooth and easy and I had no pain afterwards. Dr. Aufiero was awesome – walked me through each step and each injection as she did it. All went well – will update with results as they materialize – in about 6-8 weeks!!


Hello to everyone at Orthohealing!!  I am so grateful to all of you for the work you did on my knees with bone marrow injections! It is phenomenal!

After the five weeks of “Not over doing it” I slowly started to work out on walking the golf courses and was overwhelmed with being able to use my knees in a normal way to walk and swing the golf club without pain or effort. It is truly a miracle!

Today I am walking the courses with ease and wish the rest of my joints in this 72 year old body felt as good as my knees!

Keep up the great work and I am telling all my old buddies to check out Orthohealing.

Thank you for my mobility and extending my life!



Rated: 5 Stars Services

December 7th, 2012.

Dr. Aufiero is incredibly thorough and patient in my initial appointment to begin to assess the various issues that have been sidelining me in my athletic pursuits. I feel strongly that with her referrals, recommendations, and under her conspicuous care we will get the results to heal me. I’m thrilled to be in her care!


In Dec. of 2011 I saw Dr. Sampson and Dr. Aufiero for knee pain in both of my knees. I was unable to run and had a slight tear in each medial meniscus. The Doctors recommended joint lubrication w/Synvisc. I was running again within 2 weeks; 12 months later I’ve lost over 30 Ibs and just finished my first half Ironman! and planning more for next year. I couldn’t have asked for a greater success. Thank You!

E. L.

After five months of receiving PRP treatment, I feel like a new person.  I am sleeping better than I have for years.  I can switch from sleeping on one side and then to the other side without any pain.

I am continuously relieved from pain.

Almost daily, I am doing exercises at home, specifically for my shoulder, to increase my range of motion and strength.  Already, I have experienced some improvement.  I have Dr. Sampson and the Orthohealing Center to thank for this.   I think they are great.   Dr. Sampson has taken a personal

Interest in my situation and he cares about my progress.


I was benching 400lbs again a year later after several treatments with Dr. Sampson!!! That would be impossible with a medium size tear in the rotator cuff (MRI’s to prove it).


Dear Dr. Aufiero,

First I want to thank you SOOOOOOO much for all that you’ve done for me. Miracles! I feel so much better, I can hardly believe it. All kinds of people are now asking me about you and PRP. Now, the incredible news! You know I’ve been a wheelchair user since I was 12. Well, for the first time in my life, I fell in the shower. The clincher is, I was on the FLOOR of the shower, and I was actually able to LIFT MYSELF UP all the way back onto the chair. No arm pain. I couldn’t have done that even a few months ago. You have done WONDERS for me! I just don’t know how I can ever thank you!!!!!

Since my last PRP injection my tendon has been feeling so much better! I’m now able to curl my toe on my own with much less pain and irritation. So far, I’ve been back to jogging/running for about 2 months and things have been going really well. I don’t feel any pain with my tendon while I’m running. I also wanted to say thank you for everything that you’ve done and for all of your help throughout this process. It feels amazing to be back to running again, and I couldn’t have been where I am without all of your help.

My right hip had been hurting for over a year. At first I decided to have twice weekly private palates sessions. I did that for a year. It didn’t work. My surgeon who replaced my knee said I was ready for a hip replacement. My husband got on the internet and researched new ways to treat my osteoarthritis in my hip and found PRP. I had three shots at a fraction of the cost of a hip replacement and no pain or recovery time and now, after more than a year, I have no more pain. I am always recommending it to anyone with joint pain.

And Dr. Steven Sampson is a sweetheart of a man.

Sincerely, ML

Hi Shelley:

Thanks for introducing me to the GenuTrain brace for my knee. As you know that I have been having severe knee problems for the past few years.

The best thing that has happened to me is buying the brace. I have tried several over the years and spent a lot of money, but nothing worked. Then came GenuTrain and my god, what a difference it has made. I have only had it for the past two weeks, but it has done wonders for me. It is worth every penny that I put in getting this knee brace. I am so happy with it, that I would recommend it to all the people out there that have knee problems, to buy one of these and wear it. It is a miracle what it can do.

Please thank Dr. Sampson for suggesting that I get it. Also please thank all your wonderful staff for always being there for us and for their professionalism.


I was referred to the OrthoHealing Center last year, when I found myself having to deal with problems in my foot, knee, and back, all at once. I went to specialists for each problem, and they are all top people in their specialty. But none of them would advise me on how to treat the whole situation. I needed someone who could supervise treatment of the whole situation and who could recognize how the different problems were interconnected.
I came and met with Dr. Aufiero, and I have been consistently impressed by her compassionate and comprehensive care. I trust her opinions, and have appreciated her non-surgical approach. I have already suggested that some friends of mine see her for treatment.

There are a lot of things that need improvement in our health care system, but this is not one of them!  We need more holistic, thoughtful practitioners like this office.

I’ve found the office staff to be personable and helpful. It’s always a pleasure to see Mai and Melissa when I come in for an appointment.

I have treated with many doctors throughout the years and I must say it is a rarity to find an office like this.  The doctors and the staff are kind and truly interested in getting you back to better health.  I’ve had an epidural injection and have been to their office at least 4-5 times.  Each time, they remember my name and even ask about my children. They also take the time to explain their diagnosis and treatment recommendation in terms that I understand.  I highly recommend them.  I’ve treated with both Dr. Beny Charchian and Dr. Danielle Aufiero.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been through my share of doctors.
Dr. Aufiero is a very compassionate and skilled doctor and even goes out of her way to speak with my physical therapist regularly to make sure my unique ailments are being addressed.    She is very thorough and really tries to get as much out of you as possible to come to an accurate diagnosis.  You don’t ever feel like you’re being rushed out of the room and or ignored.  You can tell she works hard to take care of her patients and is always on the cutting edge of medicine (and she cares).

The rest of her staff is very kind and warm as well and I was also pleased with Dr. Charchian and his follow up with me after the two injections I had with him.

Dr. Sampson and Dr . Charchian  have helped my hip problems and back problems they are very talented and personable.  Also the staff are very helpfull, and friendly. and I appreciate that very much.

I was referred to the OrthoHealing Center last year, when I found myself having to deal with problems in my foot, knee, and back, all at once. I went to specialists for each problem, and they are all top people in their specialty. But none of them would advise me on how to treat the whole situation. I needed someone who could supervise  treatment of the whole situation and who could recognize how the different problems were interconnected.

I came and met with Dr. Aufiero, and I have been consistently impressed by her compassionate and comprehensive care. I trust her opinions, and have appreciated her non-surgical approach. I have already suggested that some friends of mine see her for treatment.

There are a lot of things that need improvement in our health care system, but this is not one of them!  We need more holistic, thoughtful practitioners like this office.

I’ve found the office staff to be personable and helpful. It’s always a pleasure to see Mai and Melissa when I come in for an appointment.

Dr.  Danielle Aufiero has been very helpful in trying to find ways to heal spinal problems in ways other than surgical.  My husband has been seeing her for awhile and she explains things thoroughly and has several options that can be tried.  Dr. Beny Charchian has also recently joined the staff and is also committed to trying to find solutions that are non-invasive.

I dislocated my knee over 7 months ago and then reinjured it about 3 weeks ago.  Surgery is not an option and I received a high recommendation for Dr. Samson.  He was GREAT!!! Very knowledgeable, spent a lot of time with me explaining the process and possible ways we could go to help my situation.

The front staff was excellent which is RARE these days!!!  I highly, highly recommend this Center!!!

Dr. Danielle Aufiero has been my doctor for the past 4 years and I can’t say enough amazing things about her and the ENTIRE Orthohealing practice. She is the only doctor that has stuck with me through thick and thin, stays up to date with current research and actually listens to her patients.

Within the last year, I have also become the patient of two other doctors in the practice – Dr. Katrina Babcock and Dr. Beny Charchian. They have also been amazing. All three doctors have a compassionate bed side manner, treat their patients with the utmost respect and genuinely care about their well being. Although I am not a patient of Dr. Steven Sampson (yet), he always goes out of his way to say hi when he sees me.

And last, but certainly not least, the office and medical staff are also incredibly caring, compassionate and some of the sweetest and most kind people you will ever meet. I have never had an even slightly negative experience at Orthohealing and would (and have) recommend it to anyone in need of their services. You can’t choose a better group of people to take care of you when you need it the most!

Dr. Sampson is a true healer! I experienced such a return to my life that I never thought possible after having such a minor procedure. All of the care that he provided me was lifechanging! I have more flexibility and less pain that I ever thought I would have again. I would highly reccoment anyone to visit Dr. Sampson and his wonderful staff at Orthohealing Center.

Dear Dr. Sampson:
When I walked into my appointment with you on May 3rd, I was in a great deal of pain. I had heard from my orthopedist that you were the “go to” person who could reverse the pain that an arthritic knee joint like mine can cause. I also had a friend who, a couple of years ago, was in need of hip replacement surgery but went to you before undergoing the procedure. She told me following the PRP injections, she has been happily pain free. This sounded very good to me! But, I couldn’t believe the degree of pain and limping I was suffering with could have that kind of result. Thankfully, you were very patient answering my many questions and extremely explanatory about the PRP procedure as well as the other options available. I had already tried having Synvisc lubricant injected in my knee joint, which didn’t help at all. So, I took the leap of faith and thank God I did. I am absolutely, totally, pain free. It’s like magic to think this procedure has given me back my life without pain. I can get out of bed or from a chair and just WALK! I cry inside when I see people walking in pain. In fact, I have to stop myself from proselytizing to the world about the benefits of PRP and Dr. Sampson. “Thank you Dr. Sampson” is hardly enough to express how grateful I am to you.

With appreciation and gratitude,


June 20, 2012

I cannot say enough good things about the Orthohealing Center. I have been a patient of Dr. Danielle Aufiero for several years, and I am continually impressed by her knowledge, professionalism, and caring attitude. It is evident that Dr. Aufiero keeps up on all of the latest medical literature and advances in orthohealing protocols and techniques. Her knowledge of anatomy and the mechanics of the human body is nothing short of amazing. Rather than rushing to recommend surgery, Dr. Aufiero helps the patient to explore ways of helping the body to heal itself, through medication, physical therapy, and the most up-to-date treatments and procedures.

All of the staff at the Orthohealing Center demonstrate the same kind of caring professionalism. Insurance and paperwork are handled quickly and efficiency, with maximum benefit to the patient. The medical technicians and assistants are expertly trained in the use of the most advanced equipment and treatment modalities.

Dr. Aufiero and her staff have helped me significantly with several orthopedic conditions that I have had during the last few years. I feel grateful to be able to benefit from the knowledgeable, compassionate treatment of these consummate professionals.


I have had neuropathy (of unknown origin) in my feet for the past 4 years.  Over the course of these years Dr. Aufiero has been a godsend — helping me reduce my pain through non-narcotic medications.  When one stopped working, she found another. I went from being in a wheelchair all the time to being able to hike for 3-4 hours.  Most recently I have been given neuroprolo injections, which have further reduced my pain, enabling me to be more active on smaller doses of medication.  This is truly a remarkable therapy.

I have had chronic back pain for 15 years. I have had a microdiscectomy at L5-S1 and I have recently been advised to have a fusion or disc replacement surgery at L5-S1. A diagnostic exam with Dr. Charchian  indicated that my pain may be caused by my facet joints as opposed to my herniated disc. We decided to treat my facet joints with PRP therapy. After one round of injections my symptoms and pain level have decreased dramatically. I missed no time from work and I only took three days off from exercising. I have been able to swim, surf, hike, and exercise with much less pain since receiving PRP. I am highly encouraged  by my results from the PRP therapy. I have already recommended Dr. Charchian   and PRP to a few friends and associates. I am actually looking forward to my 2nd and 3rd rounds of treatment. I am extremely happy with the care that I have received from Dr. Charchian   and with results from the PRP therapy. Very exciting and progressive treatment!


I also just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for such a good experience at my first PRP appointment.
I have no idea why after the first injection my emotions were so strong … but everyone was so caring and kind.
I couldn’t believe you came into my room and held my hand, that really touched me.  Thank you.
Everyone made me feel as if I were the only patient in the building!
 And it goes without saying that I think Dr Aufiero is AWESOME!!!!  Shelley thank you so much for recommending her to me!
Your center is the best – I mean it … I’ve been way to many places and feel so fortunate to have found you!!

After six months of constant shoulder pain, I am astonished to have found complete relief.   During that time, I received one shot of cortisone that provided only temporary relief.  I was recommended to Dr. Sampson by a fellow jogger who I barely knew and we were discussing hurts and injuries.   He was having annoying foot problems and went to Dr. Sampson and received a PRP treatment .   He is now running well again.  I went to Dr. Sampson, who examined me and said the PRP treatment might be very helpful.

I saw Dr. Sampson on a Thursday, had the procedure on Friday and on Tuesday was a new person.  It was like a miracle,  The constant pain I had affected my sleep and inhibited certain arm motions.  It really decreased my quality of life,  I have now told

all of my significant family members and friends about it.

I am still amazed that one treatment of PRP from Dr. Sampson could produce such amazing



Brentwood, California

Hi my name is RM I was suffering an injury due to bodybuilding (weight training)  I injured my right inside elbow. I had PRP done and  Amniotic tissue treatment with Dr. Steve Sampson. I can honestly say that he was extremely helpful and explained my injury, as well as the best procedure that would be best for me. First PRP, and a month later amniotic tissue treatment and PRP. The second amniotic tissue treatment was painful for about two weeks but felt better afterwards. The pain now is mild when I attempt certain movements. Thanks to Dr. Sampson my elbow is better anyone with any chronic pain or sport related injury should come to Orthohealing. Thanks to all the helpful staff  members at Orthohealing I am able to continue my activities.

- R

I’m a 68-year-old woman who has been active all her life. As a little girl, it was hopscotch, jumprope, and a pogo stick. As a young woman, it was jogging, tennis, hiking, and skiing. As an old woman, I discovered masters’ basketball—I am 6 feet tall. Always, always. I was hard on my knees, and it took its toll. I’ve worn knee braces for twenty years, and continued to run, ski, hike, and increased the basketball. The pain started to be an issue.

I had my first Sin-Vise injections over a year ago. Gradually the amount of fluid on the knee has decreased, and the pain has lessened. I am more active than ever, and I owe it to the case I’ve received at orthohealing. I couldn’t do what I do without them.


Rated: 5 Star Service


Very professional, well organized office. Dr. Sampson has great approach and even the initial treatment of my health problem brought an almost instant relief!


Rated: 5 Star Service


Office staff – Marrisa, Nurse Jessica, Dr. Aufiero – all excellent! Cohesive, effective and efficient.



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