Customized Bracing

While undergoing treatment or following an injury, certain structures including tendons, ligaments & cartilage need reduced stress to permit healing. The Orthohealing Center is proud to offer state of the art orthopedic bracing to keep our patients active while allowing important structures to rest. Most braces are covered by major insurance carriers.

wrist Customized BracingUNIVERSAL PRO WRIST BRACE
This comfortable wrist splint is commonly used to address pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

This comfortable wrist and Thumb splint is commonly used to address pain associated with: De Quervain’s syndrome; Scaphoid injuries; Carpometacarpal instabilities; Metacarpal fractures; Post cast healing; Gamekeeper’s thumb Cumulative trauma injuries .

lumbar Customized BracingPROLIGN PRO LUMBAR ORTHOSIS
This low profile lumbar orthosis is used to address low back pain (Lumbago); Lumbar muscle weakness; lumbar strains and sprains; Mechanical discogenic or degengerative disc disease; Postural support; IDET Procedure; Spinal Blocks.

lower Customized BracingSOLACE LOWER BACK BRACE
This low profile lumbar orthosis is used to address low back pain (Lumbago); Lumbar muscle weakness; lumbar strains and sprains; or Mechanical discogenic lumbar pain.

warrior Customized BracingWARRIOR PRO KNEE BRACE
The “weekend” Warrior Pro is the ideal brace for the amateur athlete. Designed to address mild to moderate ligament instabilities, this brace gives the needed support to assist in staying active. Mild to moderate ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL; combined ligament instabilities, Patellar subluxation, prevent hyper extension, provides medial or lateral support to the knee, may be used post surgery or throughout post-op rehab.

m4 Customized BracingM.4 PRO OA KNEE BRACE
The M.4 Pro OA knee is a user friendly lightweight brace that addresses moderate to severe osteoarthritis. The brace design and features assist in preventing migration.

element Customized BracingELEMENT SPORT PRO ANKLE BRACE
The innovative design of the element Sport Pro features a patented strapping system to help prevent inversion/ eversion ankle injuries. This supportive brace is also used to address chronic ankle instability.

comfor Customized BracingCONFOR ANKLE BRACE
This is an ankle stirrup used for Acute and chronic ankle sprains; Osteoarthritis; and Syndesmosis sprains. This brace will confor to your ankle to help give compression.

dorso Customized BracingDORSAL PRO NIGHT SPLINT
Low Profile design is ideal for treating plantar fasciitis and alleviating pain related to Achilles tendonitis injuries.

This is a lace up ankle brace, with figure 8 straps and stirrups used for: Chronic ankle instability; Prophylactic talocrural support; Prevention or treatment of acute ankle sprains; Subtalar joint sprain; Syndesmosis sprain.