Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy

After treating numerous international elite athletes with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), we learned about the benefits of Laser Therapy. Many athletes would fly to our facility for PRP therapy, and then have to fly off to another specialist in Europe providing Laser therapy. After researching current data & technology we are proud to provide this treatment to our patients! While the technology is globally being used to help multi-million dollar athletes accelerate recovery, our weekend warriors can benefit too.

Ultimately the end product is pain reduction, tissue and nerve repair, and functional recovery.

Aside from enhancing nutrient-rich blood flow to the problematic area, laser therapy works by delivering deep penetrating photonic light energy to induce profound physiological changes at the cell level. Cells soak up this light energy and convert it to cellular energy, which leads to rapid regeneration, tissue repair, and reduced scar formation. We term this phenomenon “Cellular Respiration”. Studies have shown that impaired cells have a stronger response to laser light than healthy cells.

In regards to expected recovery time and reduced symptoms, results are extremely variable. Some patients notice immediate dramatic improvement of symptoms after just 1 or 2 treatments. With other patients, responses are more subtle and gradual, and require a full treatment trial of at least 6 sessions before noticing symptom improvement. Much like acupuncture or physical therapy, laser has been shown to have a cumulative affect and patients are advised to continue laser therapy as long as they continue to make improvements.

The number of recommended laser sessions depends on whether Laser therapy is being prescribed as the sole treatment modality or as an adjunct in combination with other treatments. This treatment can be used to accelerate recovery and potentially enhance the benefits of other treatments like trigger point, cortisone, or Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

Laser therapy is indicated for a multitude of orthopaedic and neurological conditions. Here are some common conditions treated with laser:

space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Neck and Back pain
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Shoulder/Rotator cuff injuries
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Elbow tendonitis
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Wrist and hand conditions including arthritis or overuse syndromes
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Knee pain & arthritis
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Shin Splints
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Sprains, strains and muscle tears
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Achilles Tendon injuries
space Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

Patients often ask what a laser treatment session actually feels like. It is basically painless and often perceived as a sensation of pleasant warmth over the affected area. The most common documented side-affect which is still rare is burning of the skin under the laser beam—and this complication is minimized in the setting of proper laser technique. The laser beam is held close to the skin while the probe scans specific nerve distributions and referred pain patterns based on known protocols. Contraindications to laser therapy are few, and these can be further discussed with the physician.

Results have been very exciting and we look forward to offering this treatment modality to our patients and integrating its powerful healing capability into our practice. Laser therapy is a promising treatment that uses cutting edge technology to unlock the body’s ability to heal.

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