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Orthohealing Center’s Dr. Steven Sampson Lectures on Regenerative Medicine at FIFA/Isokinetic Football (Soccer) Meeting in London, England


sampson isokineticDr. Steven Sampson was one of a few American experts invited to lecture at the FIFA Isokinetic Football (Soccer) Medicine Conference in London, England this week. The conference featured approximately 2000 attendees, many of the team physicians and trainers for international world cup teams and the English Premier League. Cutting edge sports science was shared and Dr Sampson’s lecture was on Regenerative Medicine: The USA Experience. Dr Sampson discussed Orthohealing’s approach to sports injuries using Hyaluronic Acid, Bone marrow derived Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma.

Most experts agree that biologic treatments have tremendous appeal but more clinical trials are needed to better understand their mechanism of action and when to consider using them. While cell based medicine has the potential to revolutionize sports medicine, Exercise remains king. One of the speakers quoted E. Stanley

“Those who have no time for exercise will sooner or later have time for illness.”

Some important concepts: Hip labrum/impingement and meniscus tears are overtraded surgically. After receiving an initial ACL knee tear, females are more likely to have a ACL tear on opposite knee Vs Males. After ACL tear there is a HIGH risk of developing Arthritis, however research shows that 98% of those patients are not aware! There is no difference in ACL repair results if the surgery is delayed 5 weeks to reduce swelling & build strength to help decide if surgery warranted.

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