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New Study from Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles Reveals Stem Cells Reverse Heart Damage

CNN recently reported on a new story out of Cedars-Sinai and the University of Louisville’s Jewish Hospital that focused on a study by Dr. Robert Bolli where 16 patients with heart failure received stem cell therapy. Within just one year, the heart function of the patients in the study markedly improved. While the researchers expected a positive outcome, “We were surprised by the magnitude of improvement … we would possibly be curing heart failure. It would be a revolution …” said Dr. Bolli who leads a group of researchers at the University of Louisville. Perhaps even more important, no treated patient in either study suffered a significant health setback.

As is evidenced by this new study and many more like it in recent years, regenerative medicine holds tremendous promise not only for cardiology but for numerous realms in healthcare including orthopedics & sports medicine. The Orthohealing Center and The Orthobiologic Institute continue to research the applications of regenerative medicine in non-surgical orthopedic care and hope to see similar positive outcomes as those seen in this study in joints and in the spine.

While incredibly promising, larger trials are still needed to determine if these therapies are safe and effective. Dr. Bolli said he would have to temper his enthusiasm until he can duplicate the results in larger studies, definitive enough to get stem cell therapy approved as a standard treatment. But, for many patients who have failed conservative and traditional treatments, regenerative medicine with stem cells and growth factors sheds new light on an otherwise dim outlook on the road to recovery…

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