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Dr Steven Sampson Debates on Stem Cells: “Should they only be available in clinical trials?”  International Cartilage Regeneration Society (ICRS) Vancouver, BC with Dr Tom Vangsness USC

Dr Sampson emphasized the need to stop utilizing the term “Stem Cells” as oftentimes the treatments being referred to like Bone Marrow Concentrate or Platelet Rich Plasma actually have very little to no stem cells. While these cell therapies may have anti-inflammatory properties, these cells should be properly described to patients in an honest and ethical manner. Dr Sampson referenced the treatment gap that some patients are in when their joints are too arthritic but they are too young for surgical joint replacement. Dr Sampson emphasized the need for more funded clinical trials, and better standardization and classification and terminology of cells. The conference featured hundreds of orthopedic surgeons from around the world discussing the latest research and trends in orthopedics.

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