Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for Hip Bursitis

After initially successfully injecting many patients with tendon & ligament problems, we have been expanding use of PRP to numerous regions including greater trochanteric hip bursitis among others.
A “bursa” is a small fluid filled sac that can be found in many areas that reduces friction of gliding tissues. This bursa fills with synovial fluid as a result of mechanical trauma/irritation & causes considerable pain. Specifically there is a bursa that lies on top of the greater trochanter (femur/hip bone). This pain can be debilitating. Often cortisone injections can be successful & provide temporary relief. However overuse of cortisone can cause adverse effects & should be avoided. Therefore PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections under ultrasound guidance offer an appealing & safe alternative.

Below are case reports from a group in Texas that successfully injected PRP for hip bursitis.

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Steven Sampson D.O.

Founder of the Orthohealing Center, Dr. Sampson is a recognized expert on orthobiologics and regenerative medicine. He lectures internationally and spearheads OHC’s clinical research efforts. Dr. Sampson is a Clinical Instructor of Medicine at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Western University of Health Sciences.

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  1. Amanda Venafro says:

    Hi! I’m in search of a physical therapy protocol for post injection to labral tendon. I recieved 3 injections 1x week for 3 weeks after a FAI 7 months ago failed to relive pain. I can’t find a protocol and neither can my P.T.’s , it seems my Ortho is more advanced than the P.T.’s understandably because it’s so new a treatment, Please help! Thanks !!!

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